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Moving Team Master Plan

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The all-inclusive Moving Team Master Plan includes all of our courses on maximizing your moving company through improving the quality of your people. Your company will be strong or weak primarily based upon the systems and people that are within it. In this course you'll master skills such as: interviewing, offer strategy, onboarding, retention, termination & culture building!

  • Bulletproof Interviewing System
    • Important Interviewing Thought Process: The critical mindset necessary in order to make great selections and decision when interviewing job candidates for movers, drivers & any other positions in your moving company!
    • Preparation for the Interview: Crucial preparation steps to be the most effective in your in-person interviews!
    • Introduction and Seating: Some of the most effective tips you'll ever hear to starting your interviews!
    • Building Rapport: Best practices on how to relax a candidate within 5 min or less and get 100% honest answers from them!
    • Brief Overview of Position & Company: How to lay the foundation of the interview so you inform without overdoing it! 
    • Reference Phone Interview: Leveraging acquired information through the hiring process so you can elevate your interview conversation! 
    • Interview Questions & Scenarios: Strategies on what to ask candidates so you're not asking the basic / average questions everyone does at interviews!
    • Selling the Opportunity: The art of selling the opportunity to job candidates so they coming running through the doors on day one after being hired!
    • Final Questions from Applicant: One of the most important tactics to make the candidate feel seen, heard & understood so they WANT to work for your company!
    • Close Out & Next Steps: The #1 closing statement and process in order to set yourself up for a powerful offer call to the right candidates! 
  • Multi-Benefit Post-Interview System
    • Powerful Offer Phone Call: The most powerful way to extend a job offer for your company so that way new hires accept, show up & stay!
    • Future Hires List: A system that will continue to keep your hiring pipeline full ALL-YEAR LONG!
    • Rejection Email / Text: The best way to protect & build your company's reputation amongst job candidates!  
  • The Hourly Employee Onboarding System
    • Understanding Onboarding vs. Training: Understanding the differences of onboarding versus training when it comes to  mindset, systems & targets!
    • The First Impression Meeting: There will never be another time that your new hire will be as receptive and eager to learn about the mission of your company! Captivate your new hire in their first hour in order to set proper expectations and cast the vision!
    • Reinforcement Huddle: Even though your new hire has only been there for 8 little hours, they are determining if they are excited, proud and happy or disappointed, confused & frustrated! And you better believe that the first thing a family member or friend will ask them is "So, how'd your new job go? Did you like it?"
    • The Lock-In Meeting: The end of the first week is reinforcement time! This is where you compound all your hard work over the last several days in order to reinforce the new hire's decision for joining your team!
    • Decision Day: The delivery of the first paycheck is your opportunity window to make your Asset vs Liability decision! This is where you'll be tying their paycheck to your initial 2 week feedback on their attitude, performance & coachability!
    • The 30 Day Assessment: Now you're at the end of the new hire's first 30 days, you have an important assessment to leverage your Stop Loss Strategy! This is where you'll decide on performance by your team as well as the employee's performance! Proper execution here will save your company limitless time, money & stress! 
  • Termination & Separation Method
    • Having a Termination Policy: Learn about how to protect yourself from Wrongful Termination through processes and documentation! This lesson will explain what components need to be inside fo your Termination Policy!
    • Disciplinary Write Ups: Inside of this course lesson we are going to unpack everything you need to know about creating, executing & filing Disciplinary Write-Ups inside of your moving company in order to protect you from wrongful termination!
    • Navigating The Hard Conversation: Next we're going to deep dive into the skills and scripts in order to navigate through this difficult conversation. There's things TO DO and things NOT TO DO ... you'll know about both after this!
    • Career Shift Assistance Package: Finally in our last lesson on the termination & separation method, we'll discuss how you can keep terminated employees as raving fans of your brand by sending them off with a Career Shift Assistance Package. This will include tips on how to improve their resume, interviewing & job search! 
  • Magnetic Culture Building
    • Mechanisms of Culture: In this lesson, our objective is to break down culture to some basic, easy-to-understand components so we can identify what mechanisms and levers we will need to move in order to grow our culture!
    • Law of Diffusion of Innovations: One of the most important pieces to cover in Culture is about WHO to get involved into helping you change and transform the culture of the organization. In this lesson we'll learn about the social laws binding how involvement and engagement work!
    • Leveraging Vision: In this next lesson we're going to break down how to leverage your WORDS in order to cast a vision among your group to drive the culture. You're going to only have a business as big as your vision can imagine it!
    • Program vs. Team: When it comes to building a culture within an organization, one of the fastest ways to learn what you are trying to create is mimicking some of the best to have ever done it!
    • Creating Buy-In: In this lesson, we're going to break down more tactical ways you can create buy-in rather than just some theory and knowledge. Here we'll unpack 31 strategies on ways to get your movers and drivers more on board with the vision & mission!
    • Compounding Culture: In this final lesson for building a magnetic culture, we'll break down how to get compound interest on your culture through creating "disciples" inside of your organization! 
  • The Rich Retention Program
    • Understanding Why Employees Leave: Here, we're going to discover what are the core main reasons movers and drivers leave your company. You'll learn about what impacts and controls their decisions so that we can reverse engineer to plug the holes in turnover!
    • Employee Recognition System: Next, we're going to break down an exact formula you can use in order to CONSISTENTLY recognize your movers and drivers in order to raise retention and moral!
    • Opportunity Roadmap: In this training, we're going to draw out how to organize your opportunity ladder inside the company so that way your current employees know exactly all the different ways they can move up in the company!
    • Personal Development Program: This teaching is going to model and show you how to create a high-impact personal development program inside your moving company that will boost moral, confidence & excitement around your movers & drivers!
    • Raising Work-Life Balance: One of the biggest things that can take out a good mover or driver is BURNOUT and not having quality work-life balance in their lifestyle! This lesson will cover strategies on how to prevent burnout and broken expectations!
    • Unique Benefits & Perks Packaging: Here in this lesson we are going to give you the master list of all the different ways to structure benefits & perks inside your moving company in order to make your job positions far more attractive!
    • Compensation Strategy & Incentive Plans: In this last video we're going to talk about compensation and ways to enhance your movers & drivers pay through incentive plans as well as how to communicate with your team members about where they stand on money! 


30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! If you're not happy for any reason, just tell us within 30 days for a full, no-hassle refund!